Über die Galerie

Georg Kargl Fine Arts, founded 1998 by Georg Kargl and situated in 350sqm former printing shop with a central skylight hall, has focused on a contemporary exhibition program since its inauguration. Working with international and local artists, like Richard Artschwager, Mark Dion, Matt Mullican, Raymond Pettibon, a.o., the aim of the gallery included more than the regular exhibition program.
It enhanced the international art discourse with its program from the beginning on and had and still has a continuous global exchange with curators, institutions, museums and biennials that brought the gallery artists international attention and visibility.

Furthermore, Georg Kargl Fine Arts has provided a strong impact on the revitalization of the neighbourhood and establishment of its surrounding and community in Vienna. In 2005 Georg Kargl BOX was launched. A project by Richard Artschwager in conjunction with Jabornegg & Palffy Architects added a further exhibition space beside the main gallery. The storefront designed by Richard Artschwager is a cultural landmark in the Viennese public space. Artists such as Richard Artschwager, Carol Bove, Gerard Byrne, Andreas Fogarasi, Nedko Solakov and Erwin Thorn have conceived special projects for this space. The space is appropriated for special presentations of younger as well as of established artists. Georg Kargl BOX offers the gallery the possibility to act flexible and to realize exciting projects of artists of the next generation. Nadim Vardag, Agnieszka Polszka, Mercedes Mangrané, Rosa Rendl and Olivia Coeln.

In 2006 a third exhibition space was added some meters down the street. Georg Kargl PERMANENT, originally intended for long-term projects related to its specific visibility from the street, has become over the past two years a space of exchange and dialogue with the art community, an open platform for invited art-spaces and young curators to present their projects.
Inés Lombardi has been ensuring the continuity of the gallery in the spirit of its eponymous founder after he deceased in 2018. Her vision is reflected in the program by intensifying the individual exhibition spaces in their dedicated purpose.

Georg Kargl PERMANENT challenges discourse and new curatorial praxis. Georg Kargl BOX is an entry point for the next generation of artists to come, it gives insight to the innovative artistic positions aligned with the gallery program. The main gallery space, Georg Kargl Fine Arts, with the operational hub enables artists to realize exhibitions on an institutional scale.