Harald Klingelhöller


Harald Klingelhöller, Inmitten der panischen Ebene etwas ähnliches, (Kette) Aluminium / Kupfer, 2016, exhibition view, Matthias Bildstein, courtesy Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Wien


Harald Klingelhöller, Will you remember ? Echo, 2016, exhjibition view, Matthias Bildstein, courtesy Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Wien


Hier als ein Abstand, Schattenversion dreifach, 2009
Stahl pulverbeschichtet, Filz
140 x 70 x 35 cm


Bridges and Echoes, Schrankversion, 2009
aluminium casting
43 x 50 x 50 cm


Das Meer bei Ebbe geträumt, Schrankversion, 2009
plaster, steel
33 x 165 x 40 cm


Räume hinter Räumen hinter erzählten Räumen, Schrankversion, 2009
plaster, steel
99 x 175 x 85 cm

Harald Klingelhöller

Since the mid-1980s, Harald Klingelhöller (born in 1954) has placed the link between sculpture and language at the center of his work. The often metaphoric/poetic linguistic constructions that preceded his sculptural work are often more than just the titles of the respective work and are tied in with sculptures that vary widely in terms of form. Corresponding to the fundamental openness of linguistic systems, Klingelhöller understands his sculptures not as final positions, but as versions of the combination of linguistic expression and sculptural form equal in status. The sculptures are not preceded by any preparatory drawings or sketches; instead the forms are developed step by step working with the object itself. The artist’s goal is to create a UNS, which in principle is an open space of resonance between the sculpture, the surrounding architectural framework, and the beholder, where the meanings of his works can constantly change and be renegotiated.

Works by Harald Klingelhöller have been on view at Museu Serralves, Porto (2007), Musée d´Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxemburg (2009) or Beaufort03, triennale de sculpture, Ostende (2009).